(too old to reply)
Eric Fisher
2003-12-21 08:44:20 UTC
2003-12-21 13:41:22 UTC
Ah, but can you say it backward!


2003-12-22 05:21:45 UTC
<< Subject: Re: WOW
From: "Griz" ***@delete.cois.on.ca
Date: Sun, Dec 21, 2003 8:41 AM
Message-id: <***@corp.supernews.com>

Ah, but can you say it backward!


actually, i can say it
backwards WOW
upside down MOM
and side ways too EOE

it's the upsidedown backwards rendition that gives me the most trouble...

peac3d - good will towards all -- and a light shone round about them...

a donut without a hole is a danish...
2003-12-22 14:55:43 UTC
Post by pablo
Subject: Re: WOW
Date: 12/21/03 7:41 AM Central Standard Time
Ah, but can you say it backward!
What do you say , when you say ,

RACECAR bac'ards?


Be always ready to give an answer to every man about the hope that lies
within you, with gentleness and respect...
2003-12-22 18:15:52 UTC
<< Subject: Re: WOW
From: ***@aol.com (CBrown7281)
Date: Mon, Dec 22, 2003 9:55 AM
Post by pablo
Subject: Re: WOW
Date: 12/21/03 7:41 AM Central Standard Time
Ah, but can you say it backward!
What do you say , when you say ,

RACECAR bac'ards?

RACSAN -- am i close?


a donut without a hole is a danish...
2003-12-23 15:46:08 UTC
Post by pablo
Subject: Re: WOW
Date: 12/22/03 12:15 PM Central Standard Time
RACSAN -- am i close?
a donut without a hole is a danish..

Be always ready to give an answer to every man about the hope that lies
within you, with gentleness and respect...
2003-12-23 16:09:59 UTC
Post by pablo
Subject: Re: WOW
Date: 12/22/03 12:15 PM Central Standard Time
RACSAN -- am i close?
I like Palindromes!

Is this the world's LONGEST???? http://www.norvig.com/palindrome.html

17,259 words long, it is. . .whoa, someone had waaay too much time on
their hands! *giggle*

2003-12-23 16:38:14 UTC
Post by pablo
Subject: Re: WOW
Date: 12/23/03 10:09 AM Central Standard Time
Message-id: <rNZFb.16422$
Mind boggling, ...Thanks Feather...

Be always ready to give an answer to every man about the hope that lies
within you, with gentleness and respect...
2003-12-23 17:09:00 UTC
"Feather" <***@nospam.com> wrote in message news:rNZFb.16422> I like
Post by Feather
Is this the world's LONGEST???? http://www.norvig.com/palindrome.html
17,259 words long, it is. . .whoa, someone had waaay too much time on
their hands! *giggle*
That was quite something. Yes, they must have had a lot of time to figure
that one out.
Thanks for the link.

Joy <><
2003-12-24 11:23:13 UTC
i indeed also like palindromes:

race car
madam im adam
Post by Feather
Post by pablo
Subject: Re: WOW
Date: 12/22/03 12:15 PM Central Standard Time
RACSAN -- am i close?
I like Palindromes!
Is this the world's LONGEST???? http://www.norvig.com/palindrome.html
17,259 words long, it is. . .whoa, someone had waaay too much time on
their hands! *giggle*
twice-born child
2003-12-24 11:56:04 UTC
Post by andymac
race car
madam im adam
Good one's
Post by andymac
Post by Feather
Post by pablo
Subject: Re: WOW
Date: 12/22/03 12:15 PM Central Standard Time
RACSAN -- am i close?
I like Palindromes!
Is this the world's LONGEST???? http://www.norvig.com/palindrome.html
17,259 words long, it is. . .whoa, someone had waaay too much time on
their hands! *giggle*
Mike Bugal
2003-12-24 16:47:12 UTC
Post by andymac
race car
madam im adam
I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out to me one day, but our old
phone number was a palindrome: 682-2286. :)

His and Yours,

Mike Bugal
Heartland Chapel Ministries
2003-12-24 15:48:04 UTC

my birthday is a palindrome


how odd!
Post by Mike Bugal
Post by andymac
race car
madam im adam
I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out to me one day, but our old
phone number was a palindrome: 682-2286. :)
His and Yours,
Mike Bugal
Heartland Chapel Ministries
2003-12-25 00:16:28 UTC
now these are signs of the times... well not really -- but it is odd
-- now i am checking all my digits for the deified numbers.


We panic in a pew
Post by andymac
my birthday is a palindrome
how odd!
Post by Mike Bugal
Post by andymac
race car
madam im adam
I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out to me one day, but our
Post by Mike Bugal
phone number was a palindrome: 682-2286. :)
His and Yours,
Mike Bugal
Heartland Chapel Ministries
2003-12-25 16:14:29 UTC
Mine is, too, from the British rendering:



Post by andymac
my birthday is a palindrome
how odd!
Post by Mike Bugal
Post by andymac
race car
madam im adam
I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out to me one day, but our
Post by Mike Bugal
phone number was a palindrome: 682-2286. :)
His and Yours,
Mike Bugal
Heartland Chapel Ministries
<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< ><> ><> ><>
Post by andymac
<> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><>
Fellowship in Christ

Join us at Growing Deeper, for fun, "food" and fellowship! Let your
lights shine before men, that all may know we are of God, through Jesus
Christ, our Savior. http://www.acc-growing-deeper.de
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Post by andymac
<> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><>
2003-12-26 23:34:00 UTC
how very odd, i do feel at home now we have something in common

Post by Feather
Post by andymac
my birthday is a palindrome
how odd!
Post by Mike Bugal
Post by andymac
race car
madam im adam
I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out to me one day, but our
Post by Mike Bugal
phone number was a palindrome: 682-2286. :)
His and Yours,
Mike Bugal
Heartland Chapel Ministries
<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< ><> ><> ><>
Post by andymac
<> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><>
Fellowship in Christ
Join us at Growing Deeper, for fun, "food" and fellowship! Let your
lights shine before men, that all may know we are of God, through Jesus
Christ, our Savior. http://www.acc-growing-deeper.de
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Post by andymac
<> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><>
2003-12-31 09:24:47 UTC
Post by andymac
my birthday is a palindrome
how odd!
What happens if you make it a six digit or eight digit DOB..?


Wayne Wastier
2003-12-31 10:30:35 UTC
In the States we'd write that 02-18-81, or 02-18-1981

Post by Sarcoidorian
Post by andymac
my birthday is a palindrome
how odd!
What happens if you make it a six digit or eight digit DOB..?
2003-12-31 15:33:48 UTC
Post by andymac
my birthday is a palindrome
how odd!
Here's a palindrome for you:

A Man A Plan A Canal Panama

The palindroming Griz!
Mark and Bev Tindall
2003-12-31 22:31:22 UTC
Post by Griz
The palindroming Griz!
Woz from Australia was among the first posters who detected that Griz was a
Fraud! Woz was young but he clearly understood the deceptive tactics of
Griz. The young Australian did not buy the phony discourse of Griz that God
sent him to take control of alt.christnet.christianlife. Woz made himself a
duty to regularly expose Griz and his Scams. He openly denounced the self
appointed "Originator", "Owner" and "Moderator" of the "New ACC" as an
Imposter. This was getting quite embarrassing for Griz who in the name of
Jesus repeatedly asked Woz to heave ACC. On the search engine Google there
are over one hundred recorded posts from Griz insulting the young poster and
asking him to leave ACC. Conjointly, Griz, TBC and Fervent cooked up the
accusation that Woz in reprisals was sending Viruses to their mail boxes.
Finally the so called leader of the "New ACC" proclaimed that Woz also
posted couple counterfeited messages using his poster name "Griz". Under the
pretense that Woz was using his posting ID, Griz with the help of an
individual called Brian from the Australian Internet Service Provider
Omninet, managed to get the phone number of Woz parents and contacted them.
I pasted below a post by Griz when he deceitfully acquired the personal
Post by Griz
This has gone far enough.
I trust my friend Brian at Omninet has talked to you father about this
already; and there are other actions in the process. You have done a very
serious thing by committing ID fraud and it is something that could end up
on your permanent record. Police everywhere are really starting to crack
down on it. Most country's intelligence agencies take a very dim view of
Post by Griz
and are just itching to act.
If you stop pestering this NG I will cease all other actions against you
Post by Griz
you will not have the embarassment of having to explain all the hullabaloo
to your dad.
After the disgusting maneuver of Griz pestering an Australian Family,
blackmailing and threatening their young son to stop him from posting on
this public newsgroup, the Master Manipulator had more dirty tricks in his
repertoire. To definitely get rid of this young but determined poster, Griz
illegally posed as a federal policeman of Canada, and called Australia
threatening Warren with prosecution for fraud by "stealing" a posting

To the readers who may not see yet the big picture why Griz would do
anything to force discerning posters to leave ACC and why he is claiming
this Newsgroup is a Church, I will simply say this: do not be surprised, one
day Griz shall surely try to collect the tithes of this so called Ministry!

For the readers who may be interested in learning more about Griz
blackmailing this poster, I posted below several relevant posts:

From: "And you wonder why Woz was so disillusioned with you."
Newsgroups: alt.christnet.christianlife
Subject: Loving your enemies Griz style?
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 16:20:52 +1000
Lines: 36
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Message-ID: <3d37a621$***@dnews.tpgi.com.au>
X-Trace: dnews.tpgi.com.au!tpg.com.au 1027057185 (19 Jul 2002
15:39:45 +1000)

Tell me that this is not true Griz.

Woz reports to me that he was contacted by the federal police of
Canada threatening prosecution for fraud - stealing of a nickname.

Is that loving your enemies? Using the world and what it stands for
to get what you want? What does loving your enemies mean?
Does it mean when the going gets tough you toss it out the window?

And what of me, Griz? You accused me of false name posting.

Have I received an apology for that lie?

Should I be as you are and use the federal police of Australia to
complain to your ISP for the falsification levelled at me? Or should I
love my enemies?

You forget, Woz also took my name and misrepresented it too.

Should I be like you Griz? Should I walk in the acknowledgement that
the ways of man are Lord? Or, should I walk in the acknowledgement
that Jesus is Lord?

Michael Christ

From: "Griz" <***@cois.on.ca>
Newsgroups: alt.christnet.christianlife
Subject: Re: Curse of Woz
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 09:18:40 -0400
Organization: Posted via Supernews, http://www.supernews.com
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X-Complaints-To: ***@supernews.com
Lines: 28

Hi Mike Horn.

Woz is a spirit-troll who is under discipline of ACC. We all know he twists
Scripture and context to his own agenda, ranting and raving like a man
possessed. I know he makes himself a very easy target for even a 3rd year
Sunday School student, but I would ask you to refrain from engaging him on
his own level.

Any posts directed at him should use small words of no uncertaintly to
transmit the message that the spirit he represents is unwelcomed here, that
we reject him and his words, and encourage him to leave our shore.



woz, what you represent is not welcomed here. We do not heed your words, we
do not accept you as a messenger of Truth.
The disciples were admonished to depart any house, city, or region where
their were not accepted and their words heeded, and even Jesus himself left
Gersenes when requested to.
Do you reject this message of Christ?
If so, leave.
If no, leave anyways. Your power here is broken.

From: "Griz" <***@cois.on.ca>
Newsgroups: alt.christnet.christianlife
Subject: Re: Curses of Christianity
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 00:14:21 -0400
Organization: Posted via Supernews, http://www.supernews.com
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X-Complaints-To: ***@supernews.com
Lines: 17

Have you really nothing original to say woz? Is this the extent of your

You have been asked to follow Christ's example and leave where you are not
welcomed. You refuse.

Get behind us.


The spirit-troll woz is under discipline from ACC. Please refrain from
posting to him no matter how he blusters and baits. Oh, and make sure your
virus definitions are up to date.

From: "Griz" <***@cois.on.ca>
Newsgroups: alt.christnet.christianlife
Subject: Re: Surrender And Trust
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 00:08:09 -0400
Organization: Posted via Supernews, http://www.supernews.com
Message-ID: <***@corp.supernews.com>
References: <KBqX8.3556$***@news2.telusplanet.net>
<***@usenet.per.paradox.net.au> <***@corp.supernews.com>
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X-Complaints-To: ***@supernews.com
Lines: 12

You have been officially asked to leave warren.
That you cannot follow Christ's example in this is to your own condemnation.


The spirit-troll woz is under sanction from ACC.
Please refrain from replying to him no matter how he rage, bait, and

From: "Griz" <***@cois.on.ca>
Newsgroups: alt.christnet.christianlife
Subject: Re: Remember that love is the true spiritual warfare
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 23:59:59 -0400
Organization: Posted via Supernews, http://www.supernews.com
Message-ID: <***@corp.supernews.com>
References: <B04Y8.13450$***@news1.telusplanet.net>
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X-Complaints-To: ***@supernews.com
Lines: 12

Jesus Christ himself left Gerasenes when so-requested.
That you are uable to follow He who's name you claim to post in is very

The spirit-troll woz is under discipline from ACC. Please refrain from
replying to his posts, I urge you by the meekness of Christ.
Let him rage as he will. He is but a clanging gong.


From: "Griz" <***@cois.on.ca>
Newsgroups: alt.christnet.christianlife
Subject: Re: Just about iving in Faith - if you have no good works it means
that everything you are will disappear - get to work
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 23:57:05 -0400
Organization: Posted via Supernews, http://www.supernews.com
Message-ID: <***@corp.supernews.com>
References: <***@usenet.per.paradox.net.au>
<***@usenet.per.paradox.net.au> <***@corp.supernews.com>
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X-Complaints-To: ***@supernews.com
Lines: 14

Two witnesses will come forward and testify that within hours of woz's first
public rebuke, several viruses suddenly showed up in the inboxes of those
who were the strongest in their outcry against him in Christ's name.

The spirit-troll known as woz is under discipline from ACC. Please do not
reply to him no matter how he rages. He is an invisible man. Let our
silence and our solidarity in the unity of the Holy Spirit speak volumes
against woz.


From: "Griz" <***@cois.on.ca>
Newsgroups: alt.christnet.christianlife
Subject: Re: Re:Legion exposed - Fraud confesses then gets nasty coz it's
been seen for what it is
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 23:52:33 -0400
Organization: Posted via Supernews, http://www.supernews.com
Message-ID: <***@corp.supernews.com>
References: <***@corp.supernews.com>
<***@usenet.per.paradox.net.au> <***@usenet.per.paradox.net.au>
<***@corp.supernews.com> <***@usenet.per.paradox.net.au>
<***@corp.supernews.com> <***@usenet.per.paradox.net.au>
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X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000
X-Mimeole: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2600.0000
X-Complaints-To: ***@supernews.com
Lines: 15

The spirit you post for is no welcomed here woz.
Do the godly thing - follow Christ's example and leave where you are not
welcomed. If you would like, I could have a truck-load of dust delivered to
your front door so you can practice shaking it off your feet against ACC.


The spirit-troll woz is under sanction by ACC for numerous attrocities
apparently committed in Jesus name. Name-calling and rampant cross-posting
to garner support, along with ignoring Scriptural context or creating it at
his will to support his agenda, and spiritual bullying.
Please refrain from responding to his posts. He is as an invisible man.
Let him rage.

From: "Griz" <***@cois.on.ca>
Newsgroups: alt.christnet.christianlife
Subject: Re: Peace
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 16:23:20 -0400
Organization: Posted via Supernews, http://www.supernews.com
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References: <m0OX8.9289$***@news1.telusplanet.net>
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X-Complaints-To: ***@supernews.com
Lines: 20

The spirit-troll woz is under official sanction from ACC for twisting
Scriptures, trying to confuse with OT prophecy, saying that the Holy Spirit
was unable to protect the integrity of God's word from the demon-Paul,
calling names, cross-posting in an attempt to curry the favour of men
towards his agenda and to import contentions into groups speaking against
him, trying to use the suffering of those posting genuine spiritual
questions to advance his agenda for his greater glory, rejecting Godly
leadership, refusing Biblical correction from multiple sources, and the
appearance of sending multiple viruses to those who he could not subvert to
his agenda. (there are 2 witnesses to this, but he maintains his innocence
even in the face of the fact that all attacks originated from his corner of
He is as a man invisible. Please refrain from posting to him no matter how
he blusters or rejects God's ultimate authority in his life. Make sure your
virus definitions are up-to-date.


From: "Griz" <***@cois.on.ca>
Newsgroups: alt.christnet.christianlife
Subject: Re: Prophecy Paradox - Bible Predicts First Century Christians saw
the Second Coming and so shall all.
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 15:24:53 -0400
Organization: Posted via Supernews, http://www.supernews.com
Message-ID: <***@corp.supernews.com>
References: <***@posting.google.com>
<***@usenet.per.paradox.net.au> <***@news.teranews.com>
X-Priority: 3
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X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2600.0000
X-Complaints-To: ***@supernews.com
Lines: 28
Post by Griz
so be it - then I shall have to cut your coat tail as I have done to Saul.
So be it woz.

For acts of disrespect against the Holy Spirit, in the form of implying you
are able to correct the mistakes God made by including the books of Paul in
the Bible, you are under official sanction by ACC.
When given the opportunity to walk away clean, even as Jesus modelled for us
in Gerasenes, you refused.
You have also been accused of name-calling, abusing the posts of those who
write in for help by mocking to your own agenda's glory, and show a
condemning guilt manifest in your need to defend yourself with vile
name-calling whenever the incident of sending viruses in revenge is
mentioned. Aren't you fond of saying a witness of 2 is all that is required
against a man? Both fervent and I confirm that viruses were received
(several in my case), just hours after a major confrontation with you - all
originating from your corner of cyber-space.
Leave woz. The spirit you represent is not welcomed here. Your words are
as nothing.

I would call upon all those posting to ACC to treat woz as invisible. His
words are as weighty as hot air and we hear them not.

2004-01-03 18:16:42 UTC

A man, a plan, a caddy, Ore, Lee, tsuba, Thaine, a lair, Uball, EHFA,
Jaela, Gant, Masai, Liana, DVS, USES, Ojai, Ruyter, Geraint, Irbid,
Naman, a milliard, Nahant, Epps, Argall, Emil, Lepus, a tort, a loon,
Samia, HCM, a deme, Lenaea, glebae, Keon, a cart, seraphs, a suitor,
Gilly, TSF, Fargo, Trask, Orissa, NbW, a pas, Arda, Bab, Undry, Bida,
Sena, Eliott, Idaho, Nadda, Jasen, Egan, Nowata, SWA, jaws, Molina,
Dalpe, Paz, Ilan, Igenia, Merth, Gupta, Omarr, Ocilla, Var, Ohara,
Daktyl, an anaspid, Nemea, Nedda, Bayard, a toss, Italy, AHSA, Tagore,
a psalm, Cannae, Soracco, rammi, Rota, Kaela, ZANU, Imo, Johns, a dey,
Assad, Imitt, a ppl, Ogaden, Ivar, a sack, Conal, a hegari, Magel,
Otina, Raddi, Lydie, Hagi, Asat, Alfadir, a canaille, Roca, Saharan, a
coati, Elf, Rutan, agapai, Skaw, Sunay, B. Ag. Sc., MFS, a sruti, Hwu, a
noddle, Fuji, Nissan, Repeal, Ugrian, a sag, Ravens, Enarete, Olfe,
Losse, veeries, Sinan, Ida, Leckie, Ryle, Volapuk, Raman, Aigneis,
Hapte, Biton, Enid, orgies, Inger, Daph, Inanna, Earvin, Utter, a
gumi, HCF, Logan, SbE, Beberg, Ito, Mohamed, O'Malley, a cain, a
monomania, Rct, Tarragona, Musa, Yesima, Cavan, a sori, PSS, Nananne,
Borg, a toga, Farron, Kasai, Hejira, Hapi, Bainter, Bataan, Ilke,
Dunant, Callan, Woden, Ierna, Gamin, an ace, Lanier, Even, Uranus,
Llano, Snapp, Elexa, Shu, LBP, Ont, Soho, York, UFC, paise, Dali,
Zaller, Rubin, navettes, Usbeg, a hag, Radack, a name, Elkin, Nagy,
Tasia, sambas, Sakkara, Boer, Ivan, Rolf, G. Katona, Jariah, Camag, a
tsar, Egeria, Tenn, a yaffle, Paton, Ripley, a gleet, Saida, Tsai, a
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herdmen, Imena, Likasi, Laclos, Oeflein, Netty, Pto, Sasha, Lufkin,
Dunarea, Banda, Waite, DMD, Vetter, Eipper, Pareto, O'Fallon, Kale,
Cramer, Iaso, Neosho, Basile, MSME, Garate, Poppo, mota, Lapsey,
Blighty, a fuel, Axe, Dagan, a say', Gun, a mow, Ital, Este, Nodab,
LaSorella, Krio, Nerissa, Cilo, Neisa, Casi, Laplace, Nessus,
Palaemon, Egadi, ovaria, Hank, Emily, Hannan, an agron, a lam, Ronald,
Bahia, Damalas, Ramon, Issachar, RATO, genae, Terceira, Koa, IJssel,
Ruhr, a dekko, Orcadian, a tier, Katti, Lossa, visas, BAgr, Ebsen,
Names, Rowan, Nils, Iobates, a lie, Taka, Busiris, Edmea, Hara, Sill,
enemies, Orola, Jannel, Galena, Jerba, Fran, Dobie, Dremann, Ally,
grana, Field, Alla, Eben, IATSE, saltarelli, Wal, Hubli, Orban,
amnionia, Teena, Wsan, Negus, Tamar, Icarus, Saylor, a khan, Nabala,
Nabalas, Iletin, Oyama, SSB, Bihar, Tepic, Cassil, Lilli, a mart,
Sender, Iams, Orgell, Eddina, Economy, Ugo, L-dopa, Nashe, Drais, Les,
Etana, Nireus, Sinatra, Meggi, Feller, a manak, Camala, BMarE, Vlada,
Colima, Cod, an emmer, Parik, a facial, an ikan, a carina, VOR, Satie,
Kyle, Amaral, Colp, Petr, Ebn, Y-level, Sikata, Gao, NEbE, Ledah, a
marble, Lihue, Rapallo, Bean, Ipsus, Tubb, NDak, Natal, Aello, Saml,
Ohare, Tadashi, Ewa, Lyell, Lucic, Cocalus, Omuta, Tilda, Way, Praha,
Zilpah, caci, Roland, Ronal, Rajab, Olav, a tsi, Aretta, Puss, Ailey,
Alsip, Dli, Zolner, Olli, Naam, Iand, Ujiji, Emylee, Rgen, a roband,
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tanka, DNB, Butsu, spinae, Boll, a pareu, Hilel, Bramah, a dele, Beno,
a gata, Kislev, Elyn, Berte, PPLO, Clara, Maely, Keita, SRO, Vanir, a
canakin, a laic, a fakir, a prem, Menado, Camilo, Cadal, Ver, Ambala,
Mack, an amarelle, Figge, Mart, an issue, Rina, nates, Elsi, Ardehs, a
nap, Odlo, Guymon, Oceanid, Delle, Gros, Maire, Dnestr, a mail,
Lillis, Sacci, Petra, Hibbs, Sama, Yonit, Elisa, Labana, Labannah,
Karoly, Assur, a cir, a matsu, Genna, Swanee, Taino, Inman, a broil,
Buhl, a willer, atlases, Taine, Beall, Adlei, Fan, Argyll, Annam,
Erdei, Bodnar, Fabre, Janela, Glenn, a jalor, Osei, Menell, Isar, a
haem, Desiri, Subak, a teil, a seta, Bois, Linn, a worse, Mannes,
Berga, BSA, Sivas, Solitta, Kreit, an aid, a crook, Kedar, Hurless,
jiao, Karie, Crete, an ego, Tarrah, Cassino, Marsala, Madaih, a bdl, a
normal, an organ, an anna, hyli, Mekn, a hair, a void, a genome, a
lapsus, Senecal, Palisa, Casie, Noli, Cassi, Renoir, Kalle, Rosalba,
Donets, Elat, Iwo, Manu, Gyas, an aga, Dex, a leu, Fayth, Gilbye,
Spalato, Moppo, Petar, a gems, Melisa, Bohs, Oeno, Saire, Marcela,
Knoll, a footer, a prep, Pierette, VDM, deti, a wadna, Baer, a nudnik,
Fulahs, a sot, PYT, Tenniel, Feosol, Calisa, Kilan, Eminem, Dreher,
Mixie, Loram, a tuyere, Bail, an abo, Rosana, Strep, Petfi, Clete,
Bai;, a stadia, Steel, Gayel, Pirnot, a pelf, Fayanne, Tai, Reger, a
stag, a machaira, Janot, a kgf, Lorn, a vireo, Barak, Kassab, masais,
a tyg, anni, Kleeman, AKC, a dargah, a geb, Susette, Vanni, Burrell, a
zila, Desi, a pcf, Ukr, Oyo, Host, NOP, Bluh, Saxe, Lepp, Anson,
Allsun, a rune, Verein, Alec, an anima, Gan, Reine, Downall, a ctn, a
nude, Klina, a tabret, Niabi, Pahari, Jehias, a knorr, a fagot, a gro,
Benn, an ans, Spiros, a nav, a camise, Yasu, Mano, Garratt, Crain, a
monomaniac, a yell, a modem, a homo, Tigre, Bebe, BSN, a golf, Chimu,
Garett, Univ, Raeann, an ihp, a dreg, Nisei, Grodin, Eno, Tibet,
Pahsien, Gian, a markup, a lovely, Reik, Cela, Dinan, Issei, Reeves,
Sole, Floeter, an esne, Vargas, an air, gulae, Pernas, Siniju, Feld,
Donau, Whit, Ursas, FMCS, Gaby, an usw, a ksi, a pagan, a turf,
Leitao, Canara, Hasa, Corelli, an acarid, a flat, a saiga, Heidy,
Lidda, Ranit, Oleg, a mirage, Hal, a nock, Casar, a vined, a golp,
Patti, Midas, Sayed, ASN, Hojo, Miun, Azalea, Kato, Rimma, Rocca,
Roseann, a cml, a spaer, Ogata, Shayla, Tissot, a dray, a bad, Denae,
Mendips, an analyt, Kadar, a hora, Valli, Corr, a moat, Pugh, Tremain,
Egin, a liza, pepla, Danilo, MSW, a jaw, Sat, a wonna, Genesa, Jadda,
Noh, a ditto, Ileane, Sadi, Byrd, Nuba, Badr, a sap, AWB, Nassi, Rok,
Sarto, Graff, stylli, Grotius, a shp, a restr, a canoe, Kea, Belgae,
an elem, Edam, Chaim, a snool, a trot, a sup, Elli, Mell, a grasp,
PETN, a handrail, Liman, a mandi, Britni, a regret, Yuria, Joses, USV,
Danai, Lias, a mtn, a galea, Jaf, Hell, a burial, Aeniah, Tabu,
Steele, Roydd, a canal, Panama.

2004-01-05 08:37:20 UTC
Post by andymac
A man, a plan, a caddy, Ore, Lee, tsuba, Thaine, a lair, Uball, EHFA,
Jaela, Gant, Masai, Liana, DVS, USES, Ojai, Ruyter, Geraint, Irbid,
Naman, a milliard, Nahant, Epps, Argall, Emil, Lepus, a tort, a loon,
Samia, HCM, a deme, Lenaea, glebae, Keon, a cart, seraphs
Post by andymac
...shp, a restr, a canoe, Kea, Belgae,
an elem, Edam, Chaim, a snool, a trot, a sup, Elli, Mell, a grasp,
PETN, a handrail, Liman, a mandi, Britni, a regret, Yuria, Joses, USV,
Danai, Lias, a mtn, a galea, Jaf, Hell, a burial, Aeniah, Tabu,
Steele, Roydd, a canal, Panama.
hey this was way too long to read on my aol account. i toyed with the
idea of finding the exact central word or words - but the snip above
shows the palindrome... did you do this one?


btw, pablo is in there... whoo hooo!!!

2003-12-23 16:55:12 UTC
<< Subject: Re: WOW
From: ***@aol.com (CBrown7281)
Date: Tue, Dec 23, 2003 10:46 AM
Post by pablo
Subject: Re: WOW
Date: 12/22/03 12:15 PM Central Standard Time
RACSAN -- am i close?
a donut without a hole is a danish..

Be always ready to give an answer to every man about the hope that lies
within you, with gentleness and respect...
let me try one more time...

er hummph...


pablo -- knows a palendrome...


a donut without a hole is a danish...
2003-12-23 21:03:33 UTC
Post by pablo
Subject: Re: WOW
Date: 12/23/03 10:55 AM Central Standard Time
Excellent Pablo...


Be always ready to give an answer to every man about the hope that lies
within you, with gentleness and respect...
2003-12-22 17:34:58 UTC
Post by CBrown7281
What do you say , when you say ,
RACECAR bac'ards?

That's a good one Cal!

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